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This is the story of our journey to our daughter in Ethiopia. God is preparing our family for her and preparing her heart to come home to her family. We chose the difficult road of trusting and obeying God. It is worth every step!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Dustin and I have always talked about adopting but never have been at a place in our lives to do it. With all of the blessings God has given us over the past few years He seemed to set it up for our family. A few years ago God blessed us with the opportunity to grow our marriage into a stronger Christian marriage, followed by the birth of Christian, finding a strong church family, Dustin's new career, and recently a new home. After the tragedy in Haiti happened it really opened Dustin's eyes to adopting. We wanted to change the world, the life of a child, to give back the gift that had been given to me.

At Christmas time (2009) Jason Lee and his wife Jen happened to come to our church for Christmas Eve service with their little boy they adopted from San Antonio. We were able to talk briefly to them and decided to get together when we would go up to Des Moines for Dustin's Christmas party in January. We went to their new church Crossroads in Ames and then ate lunch at the famous Hickory Park barbecue restaurant. We were able to talk to them more about faith and adoption and that helped influence our decision later. It's funny how God uses all of these tiny moments to trace out the plan for our lives.

In making a decision of where to adopt from we considered many different countries. Of course we considered Korea since that's where I'm from and with my Korean heritage the process is expedited, but decided there were other countries that were in greater need. We also looked into Haiti but found out we were not candidates and their program is closed because of the earthquake. We then decided Africa had a lot of need for adoption and found a Christian agency that works with the country of Rwanda.

Brandy Foster is a fellow Mothers Of PreSchoolers steering team member and had used America World Adoption Agency to adopt a little girl from China. I thought it would be nice to get together with she and her husband to talk about their adoption process. We went to their house on a Sunday afternoon and talked with them about their story and our story, saw their scrapbooks, and asked them a few questions. We even found out that we used to be neighbors in Westwood Hills and that her husband bought his first car from my dad, what a small world.

I really wanted to get our adoption application in right away, but of course it took a little time to get all of the necessary information together. We didn't get it submitted quite as quickly as I wanted to, but again God has a plan. It turned out that because of the huge amount of snow dumped on the east coast, the agency was actually closed during the time I wanted to submit it so it wouldn't have mattered anyway. God certainly does have perfect timing :) Now that the application is submitted we wait for a reply from the agency as to whether they accept it or not and then get started on the adoption process. We will need to get a home study completed, a dossier done and then wait for a referral. I am so excited to get it all started and finished!


Rockzann said...

This is GREAT Megan! I wish you and Dustin the best of luck! Thanks for keeping everyone posted!!