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This is the story of our journey to our daughter in Ethiopia. God is preparing our family for her and preparing her heart to come home to her family. We chose the difficult road of trusting and obeying God. It is worth every step!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Well we got a phone call and emails from America World Adoption Agency that we have been accepted into their Rwanda program. I cried when I listened to the message she left. It's those same tears when you see the positive sign on the pregnancy test, and you feel a rush of emotions. We are so excited to begin this journey. When I say excited I also mean nervous. This is when the real work, expense and waiting begins. All weekend I kept praying that even if we were not accepted that we would remain faithful. It would all work out in God's perfect timing as long as we pray and trust completely in Him. Praise God!

Tonight we will get all the beginning paperwork completed and hopefully sent in tomorrow. There is another 10 day wait after they receive our packet of paperwork so I want to get it submitted as soon as we can. We will get assigned a caseworker and then can start our homestudy once the initial fee and everything has been paid. We also have to attend an online adoption course that tells us more about the adoption process and how it affects our family. There are so many things to get ready and fill out. It feels like the "hurry up and wait" game.

I called my mom and told her we were accepted because I was just so excited that I needed to tell someone. She also sounded excited and asked me lots of questions. It's funny because she asked me if we have thought of names yet. We certainly are a long ways from that step. It will probably be a year or so before we actually get to bring home a little girl. Anyway, I told her it depends on how old she is. We're not sure that we want to make her change her name if she is 6 years old and has lived with this same name all her life. On the other hand, sometimes there is such a stigma attached to having a foreign name. Teachers tend to butcher those names as well as everyone else and when they get older future employers will judge them on their name. We'll have to see when the time comes what we decide to do. When we were pregnant with both boys our girl name was always Camille so that may be the name we pick now. We may even use her native name as a middle name.

I'm still not sure how the boys feel about the whole thing. Dominic mentioned it today after school and that was the first time he has ever said anything about it when we didn't bring it up first. I told him that we were accepted into the program and he seemed mildly happy about it. We have talked about it but I don't know how "real" it feels yet...to any of us really. I suppose as time goes on they will become used to the idea of having a sister. For now Christian wants another brother, he says we should get a sister and a brother from Africa. Dustin says NO! It'll be amazing enough for us to pay for one let alone two. Although quite honestly I don't think I personally would be opposed to siblings. We'll just have to see what God works out. His plan is already set into motion as long as we continue to follow Him.

I'm sure after we start this paperwork and especially after we start the homestudy I will have lots of posts. Thanks for following us on this journey. It certainly is exciting and emotional, and worth every nit.


Jason Lee said...

Hey Dustin & Megan! Sorry I just got to read this post...but that's great news! Praise God that He is confirming the adoption from Rwanda through your acceptance into the program. Yes, there is quite a few questions to be answered and quite a journey ahead, but I have confidence that as God is in middle of this (actually leading), He will make His glory known throughout this process. Can't wait to hear more so we can continue following along with you and praying specifically for your needs and concerns.