We are the Snyder family and ... we are different

This is the story of our journey to our daughter in Ethiopia. God is preparing our family for her and preparing her heart to come home to her family. We chose the difficult road of trusting and obeying God. It is worth every step!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well I just got a phone call from the social worker in Cedar Rapids that will be doing our homestudy through AWAA. I am still trying to get a hold of our family coordinator to see if we can use our local agency but have not been able to get a hold of anyone yet. As of right now we have an appointment next week for our first visit with AWAA. Kind of excited and kind of nervous too. It will be a lot of questions to answer and it takes 3 hours or so. The social worker seemed very nice though. This also means we're getting inches closer in the process and that is very exciting. It doesn't feel like work when I am filling out papers but it feels more real when we actually have the homestudy starting. That may or may not make sense, but I know what I mean :)

Christian says something about his "little sister" almost everyday now. In fact the other day we were at True Value and he felt the need to tell the guy checking out our items that he was getting a new little sister. I didn't go into detail that we were adopting, just smiled and we walked out. Sometimes I have mixed emotions about telling people about our adoption. Although you wouldn't know it by the amount I talk about it. It's just that I feel weird telling people about it when we have such a long ways to go. I think when we get our referral I will be yelling it from the rooftops and telling everyone I come in contact with. Again though, you never know what might happen. I just have to remind myself to trust in the Lord my God, for He is my protector. His plan is great and if I continue to follow in His path all will go according to His will. Can I tatoo that to my forehead so I won't forget? If I do will the ink from the words seep into my brain so I can't possible forget them? lol

Dominic has also said little things about how it will be different when we have a little sister. His reaction is much more matter-of-fact and dry. I don't know that he says much when he is not around us. Last time I talked to his teacher she said he hadn't mentioned it at all, but that was several weeks ago and none of us were talking about it as a family in depth. I hope that he takes the transition well. He is such a good big brother now, I can only imagine that with a little more age and having a girl that he will be even better. We are so lucky to have a son like him. Remind me I said that the next time I am frustrated with him or he's getting in trouble :)

Lots of our friends on facebook that I have seen recently are very supportive about our adoption. Many of them ask basic questions and I have a bit of a "script" that I tell everyone about why adoption, why Rwanda, the specs and where we are in the process. I do love it though. It gets me excited about it and hopefully gets them excited about it too. It would be great if it was in God's plan for us to not only touch this little girl's life but also encourage another family to expand their family through adoption. One agency sent us a book about adoption. I just started reading it today when I was giving blood and of course already got misty eyed during the first chapter. I left it at the blood bank and need to pick it up tomorrow so I can continue reading this weekend. I am also applying for a census job tomorrow to hopefully help with adoption costs. It's only for a couple months, the hours will probably be mostly nights and weekends but for that short amount of time it could definitely be worth it. Right now every penny counts.

Good night dear friends and thank you for checking out our blog. I know it's sporadic when I write but I am glad that you read it when you can. This week pray that we will be able to use our local homestudy agency, renewed vigor in completing the necessary documents and continued faith in God's plan. Thank you