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This is the story of our journey to our daughter in Ethiopia. God is preparing our family for her and preparing her heart to come home to her family. We chose the difficult road of trusting and obeying God. It is worth every step!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

if money were no object

I was talking to a friend of mine who was asking about when we travel to Rwanda if we were taking the children with us or not. I said that if someone just gave us $10,000 that we definitely would, but realistically probably not because it will be expensive enough just for the two of us to go. I told Dustin that same little scenario and he said that if someone just gave us $10,000 that we would get another child. That was very unexpected. I knew that I certainly wouldn't mind getting siblings but I had no idea that the only thing holding Dustin back was the money. It was sort of inspiring, made me think of Dustin in a whole new shiny way again. Now, if someone would just give us the $10,000 then it would be settled :) Until then we will continue to pray and prepare.

Yesterday we had our second homestudy meeting and we will have the last one done next Monday, woo hoo! Not that it was a horrible process or anything but that means if it is done we can move on to getting our dossier moving through the system. Our case worker said that they already got the fingerprints back and that everything checked out okay. I have to send in our police reports to awaa today and see if we can just use the same ones for our dossier or if we will need to have them done again. It would be fantastic if we could just use those but I'm feeling a little doubtful about it. We also just got Dustin's passport in the mail yesterday so that is one more piece of paperwork to check off the list. People who know me probably know that I LOVE to check things off lists, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The other forms that need to filled out can't be done until we get everything notarized and we can't get everything notarized until the homestudy is done. Dustin just has to get his physical done and then we will have all our paperwork for our dossier.

It feels like we have already been in this process for so long but it really hasn't been. We were officially accepted March 1st so it's only been a couple of months, in the world of adoption it's not very long at all. Maybe it's because we have been so involved with getting all the formality done that it just seems like time is standing still and we've been in this same spot forever. Anyway, I know there is plenty more waiting to be done and the time will seem to inch past but everyone keeps saying once you get your child it won't even matter how long it took. I'm just praying for the peace that gotcha day will bring.

So, very off the subject but Dustin and I watched the movie What About the Morgans? It was really a pretty good movie and Dustin didn't even mind that it was a chick flick because it was still funny and not too mushy. Then they completely ruined it with the last scene. If you haven't seen the movie and don't want to know what happens, stop reading here! Otherwise I am going to completely spoil the end of the movie. The last scene of the movie is supposedly 6 months later after the Morgans have gotten back together and they are coming home from picking up their adopted child. It's this adorable little asian girl and then you see Sarah Jessica Parker holding this baby and pregnant. Ok now any of you who know anything about adoption know the ending is such a sham. First of all if the baby is Chinese there is NO way that they would have her 6 months later when they hadn't even started the paperwork then. Also if you become pregnant while in the adoption process you can't adopt. Of course this seems so stupid because it is just a movie but I was so ticked off that they ended a good movie with this unreal perception of adoption that I just had to vent. I'm done now, thanks!

This beautiful weather is not inspiring me to work on the bathroom but it must be done, we are on a time crunch. Thanks again for reading and if you happen to have an extra $10,000 just laying around and don't know what to do with it you can always send it our way. Then we will be the Snyder 6. lol :)


Anonymous said...

So happy for you that your homestudy is moving along so smoothly! I can't wait to get our underway, but I know we are now, once again, months away from even beginning. Oh well...God is good, all the time and He will make everything happen for His glory & in His time!
How exciting about Dustin's revelation! Praying you receive a bountiful gift to bring your family total to 6! ;)

Jason Lee said...

Hey friends! So, about the money issue...we need to talk! We've been waiting on an answer from our tax expert on the updated federal adoption tax credit that was passed with the healthcare legislation. It's good news, very good news for adoption!! You should still consult your local tax expert or someone who has worked with adoptions previously, but what our tax professional told us is that the tax credit is $13,000+ per child and you get a credit back for the amount of federal income taxes you pay in the year you finalize your adoption (~6mos. after you take placement of your children) and instead of the balance of the credit carrying over to future years (up to 5), the remaining balance is instead refunded in full to you at the same time (as you receive the credit). This can get confusing, so feel free to give myself or Jen a call and we can discuss further. Anyway, we are now considering/praying adopting a sibling group internationally since we would get $26,000 back upon finalization (when we get our taxes filed), which actually would pay for the majority of the adoption of two children. Of course, you would have to find some resources (i.e.- no interest loans from organizations or families, plus savings, etc.) to "front" the expenses, but you would get a majority of those back. Now, the caveat is that the credit has been extended through December 31, 2011 and has not yet been made permanent as is being advocated for (and is likely to happen, but not guaranteed). So, if you think it would be likely to finalize your adoption of 1+ children before 12/31/2011, then this would apply and is likely to apply after this date as well but not guaranteed quite yet. Sorry for the long comment, but just found this out (confirmed) today and had to share! Give us a call if you want to discuss more...you may have just got your $10,000+ for a second child...of course if God leads you to do this!