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This is the story of our journey to our daughter in Ethiopia. God is preparing our family for her and preparing her heart to come home to her family. We chose the difficult road of trusting and obeying God. It is worth every step!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

and so it continues

Well we've had our homestudy completed for a couple of weeks now but haven't gotten it approved by our agency yet. We've had some hiccups along the way that have led to my more recent frustrations. So it continues. We were waiting to get Dustin's physical to get notarized and his blood work to come back, which really didn't take all that long. Of course there are two different dates on it so now it has to get redone and there is an additional test that he has to have done so now we get to wait on more blood work before we can send it into the agency. Right now that is pretty much the hold up on the homestudy. We finally got my letter from the doctor back and notarized and everything looks good with it, but I may have to get mine redone because I had it done in April and Rwanda has a 3 month cap on the physical. So by the time we get Dustin's back, get our homestudy approved, get it sent in with our i600A form to the USCIS and wait to get our approval back from them, my physical will be more than 3 months old and I will have to get it done again and notarized. YAY! We have also been having problems with our background checks. I have been to the police station more in the last two weeks than ever in my entire life. They know who I am as soon as I walk in now and they know exactly why I'm there. The checks that were done for our homestudy are not good enough for Rwanda because they need to be on proper letterhead and notarized. I thought I finally had it done last week but when I looked at the documents after I got home I realized that the notary expires in July 2010. The notary cannot expire before it ends up in Rwanda which if we are lucky will be August. So today I went back again and got another notary to stamp it and now I just wait to hear back from our agency about it. I am sure that just having the second notary stamp probably won't be good enough so our local police dept will probably get to see me again tomorrow. I think they may start locking the door once they see me pull up because I am sure they are tired of dealing with me.

On another note a follow up to my last post about God my encourager. The family that I met decided to make the long move to Iowa. I am sure it is very hard for them to uproot their family such a long ways away, but I am so excited to have them moving so close. It will be so nice to have another little girl adopted from the same country, even the same orphanage, and probably close in age to play with. It will also be so nice to have another family that can relate to what we're going through. I couldn't help but think that our chance encounter was not only for my benefit but also for theirs. Perhaps God placed us together to help them make their decision as well as to help encourage me.

I saw on the AWAA blog that there are families in Rwanda right now getting their children. It makes me hopeful that this time next year our family will be there too. I just can't wait :)

For those of you praying for our family please pray that our paperwork gets finished in a timely manner and that when we send it in our approval will also come quickly. Also pray that Dustin travels safely this weekend and doesn't get into any trouble. Thanks for the prayers.


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It will come together! Soon you will be holding your baby- everything else will be a memory! Praying for your family.