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This is the story of our journey to our daughter in Ethiopia. God is preparing our family for her and preparing her heart to come home to her family. We chose the difficult road of trusting and obeying God. It is worth every step!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Good news is we got Dustin's revised physical back today. I would like to thank that people at Family Practice for getting it done so quickly this time around. I came home and immediately made copies and emailed it to our family coordinator. Now we just wait to hear back from her if it is approved and if our homestudy is approved. Then we can finally mail it into the USCIS office and wait for their approval. Looks like if all goes fairly well we should have our dossier mailed off sometime next month. Although it is all dependent on how long it takes to get approval back and how long it takes to get it all authenticated. If anyone has experience with that I would love to know if it is quicker to drive the dossier to the capital and get it authenticated or if it mailing it is okay too? If it would save a week or two I would be more than happy to take a drive to Des Moines and drop it off. Anyway, it looks like we are getting much closer. Almost all of our other dossier documents are done but still need notarized and approved. I feel like we're at least getting there. At the same time though I wish there was more I could do to feel like an active participant. Right now I feel a like I should be doing more, getting more involved, more fundraisers, something. Speaking of fundraisers...I really need to get going on some so that time doesn't get away from me. As soon as we get our homestudy back notarized and approved we also need to start applying for grants. At least doing things like that will make me feel more involved. Now that school is almost out I really need to think of some more ways to get the kids involved too.

It was funny the other day in the car Christian suddenly asks about when we go to Africa that he and Dominic aren't going to, are they? I said no probably not that they would be staying with grandma and grandpa Snyder, but that it wouldn't be until next year probably. Well then he's asking if how long it will be, will grandma and grandpa take them to school and do they get to spend the night there. Of course I tell him that it will be probably one to two weeks, yes they will take them both to school and yes they will get to stay at grandma's house. Well he was just ecstatic about that. When the time comes I don't know that he will be quite so excited though. It's so cute when he asks me questions about stuff like that because he always prefaces it the same way, "when you go to get our sister from Africa..." The boys will also say things about not having any girl stuff yet, till they get their sister from Africa. I love that they already call her their sister and they don't even know her yet. She is already so much a part of our family.

My mom is already preparing to spoil a granddaughter. She has made a doll for her and when we were at her house I saw several pink girlie things lying around the house. She and my dad know that it will be quite a while till we bring her home but they are so very excited. I have a feeling that this Christmas there will already be presents waiting for her. It would be AWESOME and a MIRACLE of God if we had a referral by then (hint hint God, that's what I'm praying for). My parents have always loved and spoiled the boys, but they just have a special place in their hearts for girls. They often try to give the boys things that are a little girlie only because that's what they've always known. Dustin's mom asked me something about the adoption the other day and Dustin's dad saves every article in the newspaper that has anything to do with Africa. It's such a large continent that a lot of it is not pertinent, but I know that's his way of showing an interest in it. We are thankful that both sets of grandparents are supportive of it. It will be interesting this winter when all the family is around to see what his sisters and my extended family think about it. I am sure there will be lots of questions and misinformation that will have to be addressed. We welcome the challenge with open arms so that they may be more well informed and excited and supportive of our growing our family this way.

Pray for God to show us His plan for us and keep our "good intentions" out of His way. Pray that He keeps showing off His miraculous ways by blessing our family. Pray that all the orphans who are alone tonight will be comforted by His love and presence.


http://themysteryguest.tumblr.com/ said...

Hi there and welcome to the paper chase!

Call and ask = usually your state authentications office will have some sort of same-day service if you walk in. Be sure to ask what they need for notarized documents - it varies!

Here's the Iowa number and location - First Floor, Lucas Building
321 E. 12th St., Des Moines, IA 50319
515-242-5953 (Fax)

Good luck, Vanessa