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This is the story of our journey to our daughter in Ethiopia. God is preparing our family for her and preparing her heart to come home to her family. We chose the difficult road of trusting and obeying God. It is worth every step!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

word from uscis

Dustin and I have been getting very antsy about our I600A application and why it was taking so long to get our fingerprinting appointment. I mention these next few comments in the previous post so it will sound redundant, but I can't help it, sorry. I (being slightly obsessive) was thinking that something wasn't filled out properly, that it got lost, or that something else I hadn't thought of was holding up progress. It did not help that another family in Indiana not only turned their application after us and had already received their appointment, but that they have also gotten their fingerprinting done all in the same time it took us to just get our appointment notice. By the way, we did get our appointment notice in the mail today. FINALLY!!!!! I thought I would be so relieved when it finally came because then I could stop obsessing about it and relax a little. Nope. Turns out that our appointment is not scheduled until August 23rd, almost 4 weeks away. The only way to possibly get an appointment sooner is by writing a letter to the department in Des Moines and if they happen to have something sooner they may reply to you with a different date. Otherwise, if you don't hear anything from them you are just expected to show up on the initial scheduled date. So, if it takes another 3 weeks after our fingerprinting to get our I-171H approval then we are looking at mid September. It seems to take around a month or so (although every time I say stuff like that it actually takes us twice as long) for the dossier to get to Rwanda once it's submitted to the agency. Once upon a time I dreamed of possibly, I knew it would be a long shot, of getting a referral by Christmas. HA! I will be amazed if we get one by next summer. So if you see me, please don't ask me how the adoption is going. Because it really doesn't seem to be. Did I also mention I am very grumpy and depressed right now? My heart hurts so much right now, it physically hurts inside my chest to breathe without any hope.

I know that God has perfect timing. I know that He does! In fact, earlier in the week we learned about November being National Adoption Awareness month, November 20th being National Adoption day and November 7th being orphan Sunday. Dustin and I would really like to do something special for it. I was thinking about doing some sort of picnic/potluck for all adopted families in our area as well as anyone interested in it. Maybe having a speaker and some games and crafts for the kids. It got me to wondering if it is part of God's plan for us to reach out while we wait. I prayed and prayed and a calm came over me to obey and work in His timing. We wait to help others. Is a day like today another confirmation of God asking me, "did you not say that you would obey and wait?" I did Lord. Bring peace over my heart so that I may be a blessing to others. It's not all about me.

Please continue to pray for our journey, for our struggles. The elections in Rwanda are closing in, please pray for peace.


Kelli said...

Praying for you....

{big hug}

I was thinking the other night I feel like a cartoon character that's trying to run super fast- only to find out my arch enemy nailed my shirt to the wall.... just running in place. Not sure if that makes sense...

Anyways... praying for you