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This is the story of our journey to our daughter in Ethiopia. God is preparing our family for her and preparing her heart to come home to her family. We chose the difficult road of trusting and obeying God. It is worth every step!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

fingerprinting done

Well we went to Des Moines yesterday to get some adoption stuff going. Our federal fingerprinting appointment isn't actually until next week but we were told you can go in anytiime to get them done. The catch is that they still won't process it until your appointment date. At the very least though we were able to get it done without having to drive the 2 1/2 hours there for our appointment at 8 am and the kids are not in school yet so we didn't have to worry about getting them to school and having someone watch them afterwards. While we were at the state capital getting our fingerprints done we decided to get most of our dossier documents authenticated by the secretary of state as well and got a couple more copies of our birth certificates just in case. It only took a couple of hours to get it all done, but sitting in an office waiting is never a fun chore for the boys. Oh well, they knew that we would also be taking them to the zoo to add some fun to the day for them.

They had received free zoo passes from the library reading program and were just dying to use them. It was a great day for the zoo, the weather was absolutely beautiful. Both the boys had fun feeding a giraffe, feeding the goats, watching the penguins get fed, watching the sea lion demonstration and checking out all the animals. We spent over two hours there which was just enough time to keep them busy without seeming like we were there all day. We even saw some friends of ours from Burlington up there. It was really nice to chat with them for a little while as the kids continued to roam the petting area. Overall the zoo was great fun and we were all glad we went.

After the zoo we went to dinner with some friends of ours who live in Ames. We met them in Urbandale for sushi at a place that we have never heard of before. We were trying to use the gps on Dustin's phone, needless to say we turned around several times before we got there. I am not a navigator by any means which is not good when you're in the passenger seat trying to be the navigator :) We did make it there a few minutes early and had a very nice dinner with them. It's so exciting because they have already adopted one little boy domestically last year and are in the process of adopting three more from the Congo. They have also really gotten their church excited about the ministry of adoption and several other families are adopting as well. I love it when God's work is infectious like that. I would love to see our church grab hold of adoption, but know that if that's to happen it needs to start with us getting the word out.

So Dustin is always very aware of how other people look at our family and especially when we go out of town because it seems like more things come up. We always tease poor Dustin as just being "the white guy" because our boys don't look much like him but clearly look more like me. There were several times during the day that Dustin was assumed to not be a part of our family where he had to tell him that he was with us. It's sort of funny and sort of not all at the same time. It was also sort of funny because when we were at the federal building getting off the elevator we looked sort of lost as to which direction to go. The woman on the elevator asked if we were looking for INS which we just said yes, eventhough we were actually looking for the Dept. of Homeland Security (USCIS office). We knew they would be down the same way. After we got in the office Dustin and I started to giggle because we thought how funny it is that she assumed we were looking for the immigration office. It makes me think of what kind of reactions we will get once we bring home our little girl and add another race to our family. I think people will be thoroughly confused by the white guy, asian lady, two asian boys and a little african girl. Just something to think about.

On another note, I have been much more accepting about where we are in the process. I am no longer as depressed as I was and I am looking at things in a whole new light. For everyone who prayed for me, thank you! There are many reasons for our waiting and it will be an adventure to see what those are as the next year unfolds.


Kelli said...

Funny post... so glad you had a good (and productive) day!

Hollie said...

Wow...don't worry though, we experience the same kind of assumptions just because my husband is Scottish! He constantly gets 'so, are you here on holiday?' or 'do you think you'll stay in Canada?'. He constantly gets comments about 'you foreigners'. The hilarious thing is we live in Nova Scotia (New Scotland) and most of the people making the comments are named Donald MacDonald or something to that effect! I think you will be (and are!) the most beautiful looking family going with all those racial backgrounds going on:) Isn't it just wonderful?

Best wishes for your next steps in the process!