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This is the story of our journey to our daughter in Ethiopia. God is preparing our family for her and preparing her heart to come home to her family. We chose the difficult road of trusting and obeying God. It is worth every step!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

it's getting better

Several people have reminded me in the past week or so that eventhough my pain of longing for our little girl hurts there is another mother with an even more sickening pain. The pain of losing a little girl. Those reminders have turned my focus off my own feelings and onto our little girl's birth mother. I don't know if she has already given her up or if she will be giving her up, but I do know that I can pray for her. How selfish am I for being angry and frustrated over this? I am now praying over our little girl, over Rwanda and over the decisions her poor mother has made or will have to make. That pain is so much greater than the pain I have been feeling. Thank you to those who are helping me keep things in perspective.

On another note, we re-signed all our notarized papers last night with the help of a friend from church who happens to also live just around the corner from us. I noticed that the notary stamp on our police reports expires in March 2011, which I originally thought would be fine but because of the delays in Rwanda will probably have to get those redone again. Thankfully our notary from church doesn't expire until 2013 so that should give us plenty of time. We were planning on taking a trip up to Des Moines tomorrow to get our fingerprints and certification done, but have decided to postpone until Monday. If the weather is nice we will try to work in a trip to the zoo while we're there, dinner with some friends and maybe some shopping too :) The word is that eventhough we can get our fingerprints done earlier they won't actually process them until our appointment date anyway, but at least this way we can get it done on our own time instead of at 8:00 on a Monday morning.

This will be our last little family excursion before school starts on Thursday. I have mixed feelings about the kids starting school. I am glad that they won't be bored anymore but I am also sad that they are getting older and I won't get to spend as much time with them. It will be exciting for them to go to a new school this year, I hope that they make some really good friends there and that they love their teachers. While they are at school I need to find my motivation to get some things done. There are several adoption grant applications that are awaiting my attention and the gym has been bellowing my name for several months now. With the kids in school there are no more excuses! I also have a new foundation to be part of that will hopefully be requiring some of my attention and keeping me busy. This year since I have no preschoolers I decided to volunteer in moppets watching the kids of MOPS ladies. It is a ministry that I have been blessed with for the past few years and will be repaying that favor so other women can also be blessed with the opportunity to go. Now hopefully next year when we get our daughter I will be able to go back as a MOPS mom, but if not I will just continue to serve in moppets.

Please continue to pray for our family. I told our youngest son this week that he would be in first grade and would be 6 years old before his sister would come (he just turned 5 july 7th). He has been anxiously awaiting her arrival. One blessing is that since we will have to wait so long, we may be able to save enough money for the boys to go to Africa with us. God has this whole plan worked out and one day I will get to see the work He has done. Please pray for our little girl, for Rwanda, for the people at the Home of Hope and for our little girl's birth family. Mugisha ishimwe (God bless)


Emily said...

Think of you often! Praying for your family and your sweet little girl!!

Kelli said...

Praying for you.

We've been praying about taking our kiddos to Rwanda also. God has deep pockets!


Kat said...

Thanks for posting this! I needed to read it...I get caught up in the impatience and the frustration too and tend to forget all of the other aspects of adoption that are much more difficult for other people including our son/daughter and his/her birth mother. Good luck with getting everything completed!