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This is the story of our journey to our daughter in Ethiopia. God is preparing our family for her and preparing her heart to come home to her family. We chose the difficult road of trusting and obeying God. It is worth every step!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Disney (warning: lots of exclamation points in this post)

Our poor children are the kids who never get to go anywhere and have never been to Disney World. We thought about taking them last fall because they were at a good age to go. With such a big age difference between the boys Christian being 4 he would probably still remember it and Dominic being 10 he would still enjoy it and have fun. Well we ended up buying a house last fall, so no Disney. Then I thought oh we could take them the next year, which would be this year, and now we are adopting so again no Disney. Orginally I was going to call this post "Sorry Disney" because there is no way that we will get to go next year either because we will be travelling to Africa to get our daughter. For three years life has happened and Disney has been put on the back burner. Now if you have read my last post you will know my amazement of what God does in our life as well as the lives of others who follow Him. On the AWAA yahoo group some families decided it would be great to have a group of AWAA Ethiopia adoptive families go to Disney World in 2012 together. That is something that I never even asked for and God has provided an opportunity, WOW! What could be more amazing than taking our family of 5 to the happiest place on Earth with other Christian families we can identify with? Now of course we will have to save more money to go, but I just can't imagine a better way to go to Disney than with people we have been on this adoptive journey with for well over a year.

Today has been a bus day on the AWAA yahoo group. The courts in Ethiopia finally reopened last week so they could start to dole out some court dates for families waiting with referrals. They had already sent out a few for the end of this month and then all of a sudden decided they were going to close court that day. AWAA met with them last night while all of us in America were sleeping and convinced them to honor the court date. Another answered prayer. There were also several other court dates given to waiting families, several referrals and several that were DTE (dossier to Ethiopia) today. What an awesome day for so many families. As for our family we also had good news. Yesterday I found out that we would have to get our physicals done on another form AGAIN! This is the 4th time we have had to do this and the last time it took a month for the doctor's office to get it right. I dropped off the papers yesterday afternoon and they had them done for me this morning. Unbelievable! Our case worker got our homestudy complete, signed, notarized and ready to go so I also picked it up this afternoon. With the completed homestudy I went straight to the post office and sent it along with our change of country form to be mailed to the USCIS. That is the last piece of paperwork we will wait on before sending in our dossier. God has been answering a lot of prayers lately so I am praying again that USCIS will be quick with our new I-171H. It will get there on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday, Columbus Day, Really?) so I am hoping to get it back the following week. Please pray with me that we will get our I-171H approval back that following week and that we will be DTE this month. Pray this with conviction and hope that God hears our prayers and answers them.

Okay for those of you following along I will give you some adoption lingo definitions:

AWAA is America World Adoption Agency and is the agency we are using

I-171H is the approval you have to have to bring an orphan into this country so that they will be a US citizen when they get here

dossier is ALL the paperwork that gets sent to the adoption agency, then to the embassy, then to the country so you can adopt. it has your birth certificates, marriage certificate, physicals, proof of insurance, homestudy, and everything else you can imagine

DTE is when your dossier lands in Ethiopia and you will finally be given a number to wait in line for the desired age and gender of the child you are requesting and then be given a referral

referral is when they match you up with a child, send you a photo and the medical history and you can either accept or deny it. if you compared it to pregnancy you would think of it as the sonogram

court date is when you finally get to travel and meet your child for the first time. after you pass court the child is legally yours.

embassy date is when you go back over to actually pick up your child and bring them home, it's anywhere from 3-12 weeks after the court date. the embassy has to investigate the background of the child to make sure everything is right and then they will approve it and you can go home.

Well I think that's it for now. Thanks so much for continuing to follow our journey. Remember to continue prayers for our family, all the other families who are waiting, the children and the people who watch over them.


Mel said...

Megan, I am SO happy that you finally have some momentum going again!!! And the trip to Disney sounds AWESOME!! And just think you have it to use for a YEAR as bribary for the boys to behave, get good grades, clean their room... if you don't... no Disney! hehehe Praying for all to keep moving!! :)

Kelli said...

Disney would be an awesome way to celebrate your new family. And to celebrate with other adoptive christian families- amazing!

There are tons of free things to do there. I think I still have all my research from our trip last winter. Many, many ways to make it more affordable.

jkseevers said...

Yeah!! Good stuff happening in your household:) I noticed the Disney 2012 exchange going on through the Yahoo group. Hmmmm... definitely something to think about. We've been wanting to go back, but like you, a new house, then the adoption has taken precedence.
Although, for us, it would be mighty expensive... we currently have 4 kids, plus 2 adults, plus 1 or 2 kiddos that we'll be adding to our family. YIKES! We'd need a whole wing in the Wilderness Lodge, not just a room;)
So glad your paperwork is coming together. Our fingerprinting is in 2 weeks... hoping that our I171 comes shortly after!!
Trusting in my Savior for that one!

Happy Weekend.

Anonymous said...

What a testament to God's greatness! It's amazing to watch the pieces just fall into place. Praying for you! Melissa