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This is the story of our journey to our daughter in Ethiopia. God is preparing our family for her and preparing her heart to come home to her family. We chose the difficult road of trusting and obeying God. It is worth every step!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I-171H approval received...again :)

Last time our I-171h was received we had very mixed emotions because Rwanda had just closed its doors to new dossiers and we still had no idea as to what we were going to do.  Well today is a whole different story.  First I have to tell you a little bit about how God was working on me today.  I was blog stalking as usual and catching up on my emails from the yahoo group and another adopting family just received their I-171H last night.  How exciting for their family.  I was truely happy for them and not worried about ours at all.  For me that is quite a big step :)  While I was in the office on the computer I heard the mailman come.  I thought to myself, "I am not going to rush to the mailbox but be still in my Lord."  I said a little prayer and then went down a few minutes later.  When I got the mail I didn't even flip through it (as I usually would frantically) to see if there was anything from the dept of homeland security.  So as I casually looked through it I did see a sort of official looking envelope and decided to go ahead and look.  It was from the dept of homeland security!  My heart began to flutter with excitement as I ripped it open and then had a sudden thought of "what if they need more info and this isn't it?"  Thank God it was.  My eyes welled up with tears and all the emotions I have been feeling for the last 8 months all came out from one sad looking piece of paper.  It was finally real.  This is the first time I feel like we're really adopting.  Once we get a number on the waitlist we will be official.

I had been thinking all week "what if it comes while Dustin is out of town?"  Of course it did.  I txt Dustin right away to tell him that we finally got it and that we could send in our paperwork.  He wanted to wait till Monday to send it in, but then realized that today was Thursday and not Friday.  Of course my mommy heart kicked in when he said he wanted to wait to submit it.  "ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!  THE ONE PIECE OF PAPER BETWEEN US AND DTE IS FINALLY HERE AND YOU WANT TO WAIT?!?!"  He quickly realized the errors of his ways and the dossier was sent off within minutes of his approval.  Thank you honey for easing my heart and providing us financially so we could send this in.

I never post pictures because I feel like we haven't had anything to post pictures of.  Well I finally have a couple of pictures :)

This is ALL the paperwork for our dossier

Here is the picture I made the lady at mailboxes,etc take of me
sending off our dossier

Pray that all of our paperwork is in order and that we will be DTE as soon as possible. I know God's timing is a miracle so whatever He decides is best.


Jodes and Boz said...

Girl, you are on the ball with this!! I'm still giddy we got our approval and here you've already gotten your dossier shipped off. I'm in awe of you! So excited you got your I-171H as well!! Who knows, maybe we'll be travel buddies!

jkseevers said...

I'm seriously in tears right now reading this!! I'm soo happy for you guys. What a long journey this has been... I'm totally overwhelmed with excitement for you:)!!
PS, I've had a few talks with God, and I'm hoping that we'll be traveling right along with you guys and the Bosmans!!
Please be praying that we get our I171 this week:)

Kelli said...

What amazing news.

Awesome, awesome, awesome....

Stephanie said...

CONGRATS, Dustin and Megan!! Sit back and relax! So glad that the Lord has answered your prayers!

Anna Baker said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you guys.

Debb said...

CONGRATULATIONS, MEGAN AND DUSTIN!!!!! SO EXCITING! It wasn't all that long ago that we became DTE and I cannot explain the excitement and weightless feeling of no paperwork for a while! May you be basking in your joy and I am praising God with you!!!! Hugs!

Cindy said...

I don't have to tell you how excited I am for you guys! Now I am just overly excited for our official DTE emails!!!