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This is the story of our journey to our daughter in Ethiopia. God is preparing our family for her and preparing her heart to come home to her family. We chose the difficult road of trusting and obeying God. It is worth every step!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

oh uscis, how i loathe you :)

Well i was really praying for a miracle this past couple of weeks.  I was praying that God would move USCIS like He does mountains and that we would get our I-171H back on Friday, send in our dossier to arrive at AWAA on Monday and be DTE this coming Friday.  Well that's just not the way God has it all planned out.  Friday as I was running errands, I txt my husband and told him that God was telling me to be still and wait patiently on Him.  My husband called me and asked me what that was all about.  As I was running errands I had my usual radio stations on, either KLOVE or AIR1, and as soon as I got in the car they recited a verse of waiting.  Well then the song "For those who wait" came on the next time I got in the car.  Then as I was driving to the bank a different scripture about being still in the Lord and waiting patiently was recited.  "Okay God, I get it!  When I get home the I-171H will not be waiting in the mailbox.  Continue to wait patiently for God's plan is not our plan.  He has it all worked.  Wait patiently!"  God was preparing me so that I would not be devastated when I checked the mailbox.  It did not ruin my day or put me in a bad mood but I was still disappointed.  When I talked to my husband he did not believe me when I told him I was waiting patiently.  Must have been my clenched teeth and snarled tone.  Guess I'm still working on that :)

Orphan Sunday is only two weeks away.  We are very excited about it and are hoping to see some change in our congregation.  We would love to see people's hearts reaching out to children around the world and in our own community.  My husband and I have been asked to speak that Sunday so we are going to try and get it together fairly soon so the pastors can look over it and give us feedback.  We discussed it today and decided that my husband would be better about talking about our personal story and the more emotional stuff.  I am much better suited for the numbers, statistics and fact based commentary.  I won't cry as much if I am spewing off factual information, I will cry if I have to say anything about our journey of adoption and/or faith.  No one wants to be the blubbering fool up on stage who can't speak because of the tears streaming down her face, I certainly don't like to show a lot of emotion in front of people.  That is probably the reason God has made me so weepy during this process.  God is always pushing me out of my comfort zone and making me grow, man it is hard to be obedient!

Tonight was the very first prayer time for our agency yahoo group.  Someone came up with a marvelous idea that we should all pray together at the same time on the same night of the week.  There is such power in prayer.  I anticipated it all day and was very eager when it finally turned nine o'clock.  Several people posted their prayers on the yahoo group, I just said mine aloud.  It was nice to know that there are many other families out there praying the same prayer and all lifting up our heavenly father together at the same time.  God has been working a lot of miracles in our group.  I pray that He continues to bless all of us, all of the children and all of the facilitators and others whose involvement is crucial in this process.  Please pray for all of these people as well.  Thank you my friends for continuing to lift us up.


jkseevers said...

Great post, Megan. Praying with you for your I171 to arrive shortly! We had our fingerprinting done today, so I too am waiting patiently for that coveted form. Our dossier is ready to go, minus that one lousy piece of paper. lol.
Just trying to remember, that we want to be in God's timing for the right child/ children to be placed in our home. God is never early or late... yet always on time.
Have a great day! and I'll be praying today for you:)

Mel said...

Of course, I am praying for God's perfect timing for you and your sweet new daughter. I know the frustration though, you know I know! God knows that we are human, and sometimes things just "get" to us. I think that you and Dustin are the perfect people to talk on Orphan Sunday. I wish I was there to be able to talk to our church as well. I will next year! Orphan Sunday will be the last day of our mandatory waiting period here, and just a day or so after that, our little one will be busted out of the orphanage forever!! God is awesome in His timing!! Praying extra hard for you as you wait on Him. Love you!!

Kelli said...

Praying for His perfect peace during this time.

Anna Baker said...

I am praying that we both receive our small, but very important piece of paper soon. I was sure ours would be in Sat. or Monday, but was reminded again that God's timing doesn't always follow calculated numbers. Still, I am waiting anxiously and impatiently. My husband told me that I should set myself up with a chair and book by the mailbox so that I would be ready to pounce on the poor mailman when he shows up each day. As it is, I check the mail at least 5 times a day. No exaggeration :) In the mean time, as my husband so kindly reminds me, God's timing is perfect and there is nothing we can do to change His timing, so stop stressing. Here's to hoping that today is God's timing for our letter to come in :)


Tracy said...

Oh, loathe is a very nice word.. We got caught up in their moving offices and it took OVER 3 months to get our i171h. AND my senator calling. AND us calling once a week. Tax dollars at work.... at least that part is behind us. Not looking forward to having to re-print in January though!