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This is the story of our journey to our daughter in Ethiopia. God is preparing our family for her and preparing her heart to come home to her family. We chose the difficult road of trusting and obeying God. It is worth every step!

Monday, November 29, 2010

sacrifices and blessings

With Thanksgiving comes the realization of all the things we've been blessed with.  In our adoption we have been blessed by Dustin's job enough that we have not had to fundraise to cover the costs and have been able to donate to others who are adopting.  That has really made me feel guilty as I read stories of other families scrimping, saving, and working diligently on fundraisers.  Then my husband reminded me that we have already sacrificed.  We sacrificed for two years living in a tiny 2 bedroom 900 sq ft house in the ghetto with our family of four.  All that time Dustin was able to get rid of our debt and save and we bought a house.  A house big enough to add more people to our family.  At the time we didn't even know it.  God had this plan worked out for us to scrimp and save for a child we never knew we were going to adopt.  So now I am feeling less guilty about not having to do so much.

We have talked here and there about helping other adopting families and what we can do for them.  Tonight God hooked us up with another amazing couple.  Two weeks ago at our Perspectives meeting we met a couple who have been to Ethiopia on a mission trip and still keep in close contact with people there.  It was amazing to hear their stories.  Tonight at another Perspectives meeting there was a couple who, in the car ride over, were talking about adopting from China or Ethiopia.  They have already adopted domestically and are thinking of adopting internationally now.  They mentioned setting up a foundation of sorts to help local adopting families who would love to adopt but simply cannot finance it.  Dustin mentioned to him that instead of us adopting more children that maybe we should be involved where we help more children by helping more families adopt.  I have been pressing Dustin about adopting either siblings or two unrelated children this time around.  Yes we would have to change some things, again, but it would be cheaper for us to do it now than to decide down the road we want to adopt again.  Plus I think it would be so nice to have an even number.  Two koreans and two Ethiopians would make for a nice balance in children :)  Anyway, God is talking to us through some different people right now.  It will be interesting to see where He takes us.

For anyone who happens to be in closer contact with me than just reading my blog I want to apologize if I go into "adoption mode".  Dustin has brought it to my attention that I may be a little over the top with my adoption talk.  So unless you REALLY want to know about our adoption, about adoption in general or what is going on around the world with orphans you may not want to ask me about it.  If you have already had that interaction with me know that I am just very excited and passionate about it and want to educate people about it.  I have found that the general public doesn't really know that much about adoption or the poverty and the atrocities going on in other parts of the world.  I certainly am no expert in any of this but God really has broken my heart for these people, for these children and sometimes the words literally fall out of my mouth.  I just can't help it.  So again I apologize and please let me know if I am going on and on and on when I'm talking to you.  Just do a quick change of subject, you don't even have to be polite about it.  I will understand what you mean.

Thanks for reading and keep praying.  Pray for our hearts, pray for ALL those families waiting (in whatever stage they're in) and pray for ALL those children who are going to bed hungry, cold and alone tonight.


Kristen {RAGE against the MINIVAN} said...

adoption mode. hahaha. I know what you mean!

jkseevers said...

great blog post! I just wish we lived closer so that we could go into "adoption mode" together over coffee once a week!
I'm soo glad to be on this journey with other crazy people like us. Clearly God is moving in an amazing way. What an honor to be a part of it!

Blessings, Megan.