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This is the story of our journey to our daughter in Ethiopia. God is preparing our family for her and preparing her heart to come home to her family. We chose the difficult road of trusting and obeying God. It is worth every step!

Friday, January 21, 2011

no news and lots of news

There has not been much news about our adoption as we are just waiting and our numbers do not seem to be getting smaller.  There are others with news though.  Several families just went to court and did not pass which means that their cases will have to be submitted again.  The families do get to come home but there are some families who have had their cases in court 8 times or more and are still missing some vital paperwork.  Several families are in Ethiopia right now for their court dates and we pray they pass the first time around.  There are also 3 families that are waiting to hear from the embassy to see if they will be able to bring their children home.  There is some paperwork that is either missing or incomplete and if they have to investigate further these poor families may have to take their children back to the transition home, leave and come back again to get them.  Please pray with me that this will not happen and that they will pass their embassy appointments.

As for other news, we have had a very busy week.  My parent's 40th anniversary is coming up on the 24th and my dad decided to do a last minute renewing of the vows and reception.  Since I am an only child I am in charge of most if.  My dad is getting the napkins and plates and I am getting EVERTYTHING else.  Did I mention that I just got the date, time and place last Friday so that gives me exactly 9 days to plan it?  A little stressful for a planner like me.  On top of planning this event something very tragic happened on Monday.  The pastor of our church died extremely unexpectedly.  He was only 43, three kids ages 13,12,10 and was a personal friend of ours.  In fact, I was supposed to meet his wife out this weekend for some fun but fell asleep and stood her up accidentally.  His wife filed for divorce this fall and they were still working out financial and custody issues, it wasn't final yet.  The past few days my friend and I have been helping her out with the children getting them clothes, getting things from their dad's house and just trying to do whatever we can to make their lives a little easier.  Today was really the first day I had to get our own laundry and dishes done and do some things for the reception.  My parent's thing is on Sunday as well as the visitation and the funeral is on Monday.  My husband has to leave town right after the funeral, will get back Thursday night, then he and I fly out to Atlanta right after we take the kids to school on Friday.  I think I was complaining about being bored last week, I take it all back :)

The Perspectives class also started this week and we are part of the core team to help set it up and get it together.  If you have not heard of it you should look it up.  It's such an amazing class!  The book and studying are fairly intense but so worth it.  The class is about the history and biblical truths of Christians reaching out to the nations of the world.  Getting outside of our American Christian comfort and delving into the world of the unknown.  www.perspectives.org

 The boys started Tae Kwon Do this week as well.  They used to do it and then took a break for almost two years.  They were both so excited to do it again and counted down the days till it started.  So until the end of time we will be busy on Tuesday and Thursday nights with Tae Kwon Do.  By the way, Christian was amazed to hear that it's Korean because he thought it was Chinese.  "You mean it's Korean like us?"  Thrilling.

Today and tomorrow will also be filled with picking up Scentsy orders and dropping off baskets.  I am very thankful that there have been some spur of the moment parties because I didn't have anything planned for this month.  I've gotten several random orders and should have enough to make my minimum requirement.   Just another way God has been blessing us.

Ok so this was maybe the most random post I've ever written.  Like I said this has been such a busy week for us and it's hard to connect all of the dots for it to make sense.  The next post from me will probably be our three month dte-versary.

Please pray for those people waiting for paperwork to pass court and embassy.  Please pray that they will get to bring their children home quickly.
Please pray that referrals will start raining down like manna from heaven.


Mouseymom said...

gracious girl, your week makes me shudder! So sorry about your friend who passed away. good to catch a glimpse of you today!

Dustin & Megan said...

I just need to add that God answers prayer! The families who were waiting to hear about embassy passed and are on their way home. Praise God!

jkseevers said...

Yeah to the families that passed embassy! God is soo good!!

I'm soo sorry to hear about your pastor. That is devastating! Praying for hope for his children and for wisdom in sorting through all of this...

Hope that this week is a bit more peaceful for you.