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This is the story of our journey to our daughter in Ethiopia. God is preparing our family for her and preparing her heart to come home to her family. We chose the difficult road of trusting and obeying God. It is worth every step!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Eternal Family Program

Dear Friends and Family,

We are currently in the process of adopting a little girl from Ethiopia and we are excitedly working through the mounds of paperwork to bring our child home! As many of you know, the financial considerations are significant and will cost us around $10,000.
Our agency, America World Adoption, has a program called the "Eternal Family Program" which enables family and friends to contribute toward the cost of our adoption. Of course, we present this to you as an opportunity and not an obligation. If you feel led to partner with us financially, America World will accept contributions on our behalf and will provide a letter or email to you which will substantiate that the funds have been received by AW. Regarding tax deductibility, America World suggests that the amount claimed as a tax deduction, if any, should be discussed with a tax professional.

You can contribute either by check or credit card. Checks can be made payable to America World Adoption Association or just AWAA. Both the check and the included “Eternal Family Program” form should be sent directly to America World Adoption Association, Attn: Accounting Dept. 6723 Whittier Ave., Suite 202, McLean, VA 22101. Credit card contributions can be made online at https://www.awaa.org/forms/payment.aspx and the “Notes” section should be used to identify both the Eternal Family Program and our family.

Thank you for considering partnering with us financially. We understand that not all are led to give financially, but we do ask everyone to join us in prayer through this process. We cannot wait to bring our child home.

In Christ,
Dustin and Megan Snyder
Here is the form you can mail to AWAA if you would like to donate in this way:

AWAA • 6723 Whittier Avenue • Suite 202 • McLean • VA • 22101 • 800-429-3369 • Fax 703-356-8973 • Page 3 2/17/2011  
Name of Adopting Family you want to support:


Please record your name, address, phone number, and the amount of your contribution in the box below. Please include this form with your check. Checks should be made payable to America World Adoption Association (AWAA).

On behalf of the adoptive family, we thank you for your support!

Your name: __________________________________________________

Your email address: __________________________________________________

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City, State, and Zip Code: __________________________________________________

Your phone number: __________________________________________________

Please indicate the amount of your contribution:

$20 $50 $100 $200

$500 $1,000 $__________ Other

Please check here if you would like your donation to remain anonymous.

Please check here if you do not wish to receive future information on how you can partner with us in the mission of serving the world’s orphans.

Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless, Psalm 82:3