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This is the story of our journey to our daughter in Ethiopia. God is preparing our family for her and preparing her heart to come home to her family. We chose the difficult road of trusting and obeying God. It is worth every step!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

starting the travel phase

This week we got an email with some preliminary travel documents in it.  Of course, there are a few more papers that need to be signed and sent back to our agency.  There is also a lot of great information about travelling to Ethiopia and some of the things we should prepare for and expect.  Now that Dustin is home from being gone for almost 2 weeks we can look through it all and send back these papers.  It of course is extremely exciting to be close to this next step.  When I say exciting I also mean slightly stressful too.  There are just so many things to think about:  when are we going to switch the rooms around, how are we going to pay for travel, getting donations, packing donations, getting vaccinations, and the list goes on.  Granted we don't even have a court date yet but I know that this time will go quickly and I will feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off, aimless. 

Now for a couple of things that have already been taken care of.  We decided on a name for our little one.  During this processs we talked about if we were going to change her name or not and decided it would be determined by how old she is and what her name is.  Eventhough she is 4 1/2 years old we decided to go ahead and change her first name to something more American and then keep her Ethiopian name as her middle name.  I still like her Ethiopian name but I just know that people will continuously say her name wrong all her life and we already have that with one child whom I never thought the general public would consistently say his name wrong.  We had talked about it before and the name we picked out as our "girl name" when I was pregnant with the boys does not seem to fit her so we had to come up with something different.  Looking at her picture I thought she needs kind of cute sassy name, she looks cute and sassy :)  Dustin actually suggested a very cute name while we were waiting in the airport last week and after going over it again and again and saying all of our children's names together I decided that I really like it too.  Of course there are a couple ways to spell it but we tried to pick simple ways to spell our other children's names so I think we will continue with that trend.  Stay tuned because we are not sharing just yet...I know that is so mean!

Something else that we have been working on is having some clothes for her.  I bought a couple of things for care packages and some basics like socks and underwear.  There were a couple other cute little things I bought too, but the real blessing is that a friend of mine who lives just a couple blocks away has two girls.  These girls always look adorable and have a ton of clothes.  She was cleaning out their closets and asked if I wanted this big box of stuff.  There are jackets, coats, shoes, dresses, skirts, shirts, everything in this box.  WOW!  It was such a delight to hang up all the little clothes in Christian's closet (will be hers once they switch rooms).  I ran out of kid size hangers (because I gave a ton away last year when I didn't think we would need them anymore) so ran out today to get some more and a storage container for the things that will not hang.  The big box was driving me nuts in Christian's room so I had to get the stuff put away somewhere :)  This last week I have also tried my hand at making tutus.  They are so cute and seem to be everywhere so google helped me make some tutus.  They will be added to the closet o'girl stuff.  Once again it will be incredibly hilarious if she does not like anything like that at all and is a complete tomboy.

Hopefully soon we will have a couple fundraisers up to help us with these travel costs.  There have been a couple of different ones I've been in contact with so we will see what happens.  If you haven't noticed I did add a paypal button to our blog.  Paypal does take 2% of whatever you donate so you can always mail us a check.  Anyway, be on the lookout for some fundraisers to start up in March or so.  We would love for you to be a part of this adoption journey with us.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  We are so excited to be inches closer to meeting our daughter (slightly nervous about that too).


jkseevers said...

Oh this is the exciting part!! so eager to be there with you, but over the moon excited for you;)

Praying that your court date comes quickly and that we get to see her picture as soon as you pass court!!


Brad and Tara said...

WOOOOO HOOOOOO for starting to prepare for traveling!!!!! Hope you get a court date soon!!!!

Mandi said...

Maybe you could sell tutus as one of your fundraisers...?...