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This is the story of our journey to our daughter in Ethiopia. God is preparing our family for her and preparing her heart to come home to her family. We chose the difficult road of trusting and obeying God. It is worth every step!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the countdown is on

The countdown to our court date and when we travel has been going on for quite some time now but I just haven't felt composed to blog about it yet.  I figure since it is early Wednesday morning and we leave Thursday night for Chicago I should probably write about it soon :)  For the past couple of weeks we have been collecting donations and slowly getting things ready for travel.  It feels like you have so much time and at the same time it feels like you have so little time to prepare.  Almost all of hte donations are packed now and Dustin and I have packed all of our clothes and personal items into our carry ons.  I wasn't sure how much room we were going to have but now that we have most of it packed I think we will be able to take a few more donations.  We have been blessed by so many people that we actually don't have enough room to take everything this trip but can take the rest of us when we go next time for our embassy hearing.  We have also been blessed with money to buy formula for the transition home and the orphanages when we get there.  Our friend Tara from Galesburg is over there right now and she has also been giving us ideas of what they need there and gifts for some of the people we will meet.  It has been so awesome to have the inside scoop.  It always seems like you are never well enough prepared so having her helpful hints makes it that much easier.  It's also nice for her because there are a couple of things that she needs that we can bring with us when we go.  Their court appointment is tomorrow so we are praying that they pass when they get there and can take their precious baby boy out of the transition home and into their arms forever.  We pray that we all pass the first time around and that the embassy will have favor on us so we can ALL get our children home.

In the whole frenzy of packing I have noticed that the closer we get to our travel date the grumpier I have gotten.  I'm not exactly sure why or where it is coming from but I have been more quiet and just down right crabby.  Church on Sunday was especially bad for me and I sort of feel bad about it.  I had spent the previous two days at a scrapbook retreat (which was wonderful and I got so much done) but had a migraine when I woke up on Sunday.  That never helps my mood.  In fact, Dominic said "mommy is always crabby when she has a headache".  True.  Anyway, I was very short with people and if I had to tell one more person that we don't get to bring her home this time and we don't know for sure when we do I was probably going to literally rip someone's head off.  Of course it has nothing to do with them and everything to do with me.  People are very well meaning and they don't know everything about the process but I cannot tell you the number of times people have said, "oh is it going to be hard to leave her?"  YES!  It is going to be very hard.  Every time someone says that to me I have to hold back the tears so I don't start bawling on the spot.  Once in a while when I'm by myself (for some reason lots of times when I'm driving) I start to think about it and just cry.  If you are one of these people please don't feel bad, again it's not you it's me.  Being the choleric temperment that I am, every emotion in me comes out as anger.  Not something that I like to admit but something that is definitely true.  For the next two days until we leave I'm trying to do my best to keep it together.  Some of the other mothers that are travelling with us have posted on our facebook page that they have had meltdowns already so I'm sure mine will come...very soon.  Please pray for me, you may also need to pray for Dustin and ALL the people I come in contact with for the next couple of days :)

Well I think we have almost everything we need.  I printed out our flight itinerary, our travel package information, a couple donation letters from our agency, and a medical release form in case our children at home should need some medical attention.  Our passports are ready to go and on my list to do today is to make out a schedule for our parents so they know where the kids go and at what times.  Also on my list today is to buy our daughter a camera because apparently she LOVES them.  She is already a little ham, which is perfect since she will probably have enough pictures taken of her in the next couple of months to wallpaper our house :)  Tara also mentioned that if we wanted to buy coffee grinders for a couple of the people who work at the transition home they would probably appreciate it because they grind all of their coffee beans by hand.  I still need to borrow a friend's luggage scale and I'm borrowing some magazines from another friend for the lengthy plane rides.  I don't know where I would be if I didn't have our church family and my friends, they have been essential in this whole process.  So as prepared as we are yesterday morning a thought jumped into my head, "have we paid AWAA for our travel package yet?"  Then answer was no.  Duh!  Needless to say we got that taken care of tonight. 

I'm sure there are many many more things I could write about but it's very early in the morning and I need to see if I can get a little sleep tonight.  We will post pictures of our luggage before we leave because it is quite a bit.  Hopefully the internet will be working well once we're there and we will be able to update.  I am excited, nervous, literally nautious and anxious about the trip.  It will be the trip of a lifetime.


Jen said...

Hey Megan! It was good to hear how you are doing so close to traveling. And while I have never had to travel like you guys are to see your child and then come home, I can totally relate to the crabbiness. :) When we flew to see Abram I nearly ripped Jason's head off a number of times! It was like walking on egg shells around me. All of the unknowns about what we were about to experience and how I was going to feel about it all just about made me crazy. There are times even now that I just want to leave church as fast as I can because I cannot answer one more question about when the kids are coming, etc. Just wanted to let you know you are in good company. We are thinking about you guys and praying for you as you get ready to leave. We cannot wait to hear all that God does! Lots of love from Ames!

Susan said...

I can definitely relate. We have been back for almost three weeks and I am still having meltdowns. Once we get our kids home, I am hoping this all just fades into memory. Hang in there. We are praying for you and for your letter to be at court before you!

Susan said...

I can definitely relate. We have been back for almost three weeks and I am still having meltdowns. Once we get our kids home, I am hoping this all just fades into memory. Hang in there. We are praying for you and for your letter to be at court before you!

Kelli said...

Blessings on your court day.

Debb said...

Praying that God fills your heart with such abundant PEACE that there is no room for anger. May He carry your worries and burdens and uncertainties, and when you hold your babe, may all anxiety jsut naturally flow right on out of you! Miraculously! Divinely! I can't say that I can relate. Yet! But I am asking God to meet you right where you are and provide for you exactly what you need! Safe travels, and have a most amazing union with your daughter!!!!!