We are the Snyder family and ... we are different

This is the story of our journey to our daughter in Ethiopia. God is preparing our family for her and preparing her heart to come home to her family. We chose the difficult road of trusting and obeying God. It is worth every step!

Friday, April 22, 2011

kind of a repost of our experience

The following post is the page that is going in our daughter's adoption book to tell her about our first meeting with her.  Some of it is sort of a repeat of what I have already posted in previous blogs but I thought it might be interesting for people to read this.  This is from me to her.

For over a year Daddy and Mommy prayed and waited to finally meet our little girl. On Thursday March 31st we left our house in Burlington, IA to drive 4 ½ hours to Chicago where we would get on a plane to take us to Washington D.C. From there we boarded a 777 Ethiopian Airlines jet for the next 14 hours till we arrived in your homeland of Ethiopia. We arrived at the airport, got our visas and went through customs, then off to the Yebsabi guest house where we stayed. We quickly checked in, put our bags away and headed for the transition home at 9:30am Saturday April 2nd. We were finally on our way to meet you.

It was a bumpy ride in a diesel van with our driver David. We tried to take in all the sights, sounds and smells of the ride there that seemed to take an eternity. Mommy's stomach turned a little with nervousness and anticipation because I didn't know what to expect. Would you know who we were? Would you like us? Would you be scared of us? When we arrived at the AWAA transition home gate the nervousness turned into excitement. There were other families with us that we were meeting their children for the first time as well. We were all to take turns and they would bring out each child to each family individually and give them a few minutes before it was the next family's turn. One of the AWAA directors, Eyob (Job), told us that you were sick that day and you were actually in the clinic. He told us that we could go back to the clinic to meet you and bring you out. Our friends Brad and Tara Mowen from Galesburg, Illinois followed us with cameras to capture our first encounter with you.

You were asleep on a little cot in a back room with a couple of other children. The nanny woke you up to meet us and you were still very groggy. You obviously didn't feel well and were seemed a little stunned by what was going on. They had you dressed in a hot pink chenille sweater and heavy hot pink sweat pants. We greeted you and hugged you and told you that we were mommy and daddy. You graced us with hugs and kisses and even a few smiles. Brad and Tara had spent time with you all week and said that you were not your usual perky self. Job said that you had a tummy ache and you felt like you might have had a little fever as well. Once we got you up we left the room, put our shoes back on and headed outside to the front of the transition home where everyone else was. We brought out the bag we had brought to you, a pink canvas tote with your name Aliya Wefe embroidered on it. We had lots of fun things in it for you to play with. The first day we brought you a plastic cell phone, a working digital Fisher Price camera, sunglasses, books, a pink headband and some punch balloons. It took a little while for you to warm up to us and I think you were still tired and not feeling well. One of the nannies took you back down to the other transition home and changed your clothes into something we had sent you in a care package. The outfit was entirely too small because I didn't find out what size you wore until after I had already sent all your packages. After you returned you seemed like you were feeling better and you were giggling and running around saying “mommy” and “daddy”. It was music to our ears. There are not two better words than to hear those words coming from your lips. We all knew that we were family.